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More information about Ted Baker can be found on the company’s website.

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1. Ethical code?  -  yes

Ted Baker’s code of conduct can be found on the company’s website.

2. Code applies to supply chain?  -  yes

Ted Baker told us in an email dated 29 August 2012:

‘Our Ethical Code of Conduct applies to all parties who are involved in making Ted Baker product.  We expect our suppliers to ensure everyone who they work with meets our code of conduct.’

3. Living wages?  -  making progress

Ted Baker told us in an email dated 29 August 2012:

‘This is a difficult issue to tackle, and one that we continuously discuss with our suppliers and MADE-BY.  Last year we conducted a survey of our Chinese suppliers to find out the amount of the average wage within their factories.  This enabled us to look at wages against the Asia Floor Wage, and we were pleased to see many of our suppliers were able to meet or far surpass this mark, and were able to engage the rest with our hopes that they would be able to be above this in 2012.  We will conduct this survey this year again to see how wages have improved in China, and will begin to assess the rest of our supply base.’

4. Factory address list?  -  no

We asked Ted Baker about this.  They told us in an email dated 29 August 2012:

‘Unfortunately not, it takes a long time and a lot of effort for us to source suppliers and work with them to get to a suitable standard.  Whereas we are delighted to help and support our suppliers, we would not wish to help our competitors by publicising who we work with.’ 

5. Factories audited every 2 years?  -  yes

Ted Baker told us in an email dated 29 August 2012:

‘We don’t ask suppliers to perform audits especially for Ted Baker as so many of our suppliers struggle to keep up with social auditing requirements, but we do request in date audits or certification that factories already have.  These are assessed by a trained Social Systems Auditor in-house, as well as verified by our Supply Chain Consultant at MADE-BY.  Once a year these audits and certification are all benchmarked against Made-By’s social systems benchmark and they create a scorecard which is available on their website for our consumer to see how we are progressing.’ 

We looked at the standards MADE-BY use when assessing a brand’s supplier audits and found that suppliers are expected to be audited at least once a year.  P.17 of MADE-BY’s Benchmark for Social Standards states:

‘Though the quality of an audit is more important than the frequency, frequent (re)auditing of suppliers lowers the risk of under performance of the factories concerned. When a code is used based on the principle of certification of the factory, a factory should be audited twice a year (once announced and once unannounced).  When the code adopted is based on the principle of monitoring, the brand should audit all its (key) suppliers each year (internal audits) and at least 30% of the suppliers should be audited by an independent third party (external audits).’

6. Company staff visit factories?  -  yes

Ted Baker told us in an email dated 29 August 2012:

‘Yes, our production, design, technical and buying teams make regular visits to the factories to ensure we maintain excellent supplier relationships.  Each member of Ted’s Team has been briefed about labour standards and social compliance.’

7. Unannounced factory checks?  -  no

Ted Baker told us in an email dated 29 August 2012:

‘No we do not make unannounced visits to suppliers at this time; however some of the audits we receive from factories are from unannounced visits.’

8. Confidential audit interviews?  -  yes

Ted Baker told us in an email dated 29 August 2012:

‘Yes, all certification that MADE-BY classify on their Social Systems Benchmark contain information from confidential worker interviews.’

9. Published audit results?  -  yes

Ted Baker told us in an email dated 29 August 2012:

‘As the audits and certifications are not ours, we would not be able to publish them, however we do publish how many of our suppliers are ranked Class A, B, C or unclassified on our yearly scorecard.  Consumers can have confidence that 44% of our garments come from Class A or Low Risk factories and our target is to improve this number year on year.’  

Ted Baker’s scorecard can be found on the MADE-BY website.

10. Worker complaint procedure?  -  no

Ted Baker told us in an email dated 29 August 2012:

‘No this is something that we have not done as yet.’ 

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